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one of my most frequently asked questions:
How did I get the nick-name "prissy"?
"prissy" is a name my mother used to call me when I was a
little girl. I used to like to "dress-up" with "grown-up"
clothes and pretend I was a little lady.

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Guess you can tell I love flowers, huh?

I am 49 years old and have been a nurse for 30 years.

Learn more about me on my MissNurse Page

A Memorial Page for my son

Meet Jazz. Our Jenday Conure.
She's soooo cute!
Visit her own homepage and see her pictures.

Where do we live? Pisgah Forest, North Carolina
The Land of the Waterfalls...see my waterfalls picture here.

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Christians Joining Hands

My Children's Page

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